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CATA Hosts Vehicle Theft Seminar

Thursday, March 31, 2022 4:04 PM | Anonymous

On Tuesday, March 29, the CATA hosted a seminar focusing on recent vehicle thefts at new-car dealerships. Presenting were Karianne Thomas, Director of Security for the Zeigler Auto Group; Joshua Mailey, President and Security Consultant for Signal 88 Security; Adam Broshous, Lieutenant Illinois Secretary of State Police and Deputy Director Illinois Statewide Auto Theft Task Force; and Roe Conn, Senior Project Manager for the Cook County Sheriff’s office.

The panel discussed the recent spike in vehicle thefts from new-car dealerships, efforts that can be made to reduce thefts and what to do if a theft happens at your dealership. The CATA recorded the seminar, but because of the sensitive topics discussed, it will only be available to members upon request. Requests for the video and presentations can be made to Mark Bilek, Senior Director of Communications & Technology at the CATA.


  • How to best protect your vehicles at your dealership and reduce the risk of theft
  • How to properly respond to theft attempts
  • What to do in the event of a vehicle theft
  • Additional government resources beyond your local police department


  • As soon as cars are stolen, dealers need to notify local municipality and then second call is to ISATT (708-740-0425). Ensure law enforcement clears the scene.
  • Report dealer plate number AND the letter associated with that plate.
  • Dealers need to keep record and track what plate is on what vehicle.
  • Report it stolen and get correct VIN # into the system. Then as soon as VIN # hits the system, the ISATT is notified.
  • Are keys with or without the vehicle – important to know this.
  • For test drives, get a clear colored copy of Government Issued ID because enforcers can use this to identify the thieves. Secondary ID is also crucial.
  • Dealerships to get cameras like Flock, Genetec or Vigilant systems – as they integrate with local law enforcements.
  • Ensure dealers don’t make contact with the thieves or try to scare them off.
  • Lock down the lot.
  • Help track if factory or aftermarket is available on any or all missing vehicles.
  • Don’t assume the thieves won’t come back: When an attack happens, the next attack could come within hours. Attacks that come overnight, could now come in the day. Making sure to identify people who come in for test drives, make that info available to law enforcement.


  • Joshua Mailey, Signal 88 security, 847-456-0689 or
  • ISATT (Illinois Secretary of State Police), 708-740-0425


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