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Offsetting the Increases on Your ComEd Invoices

Friday, April 12, 2024 9:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

[From CATA Approved Partner UMG] In 2021, Illinois passed legislation mandating that eventually 100 percent of the electricity generated in the state be generated by clean energy sources. As part of that legislation, the state negotiated a deal with Exelon to keep existing nuclear plants open. At a time where the electric market is low customers will be billed an additional rate per kWh, which will go to Exelon to subsidize the plants. Conversely when the market is high Exelon owes customers credit. Starting in June 2022, customers received a significant credit on their ComEd invoices, with that credit dropping over the next 12 months. Those calculations reset every June 1, and, as of June 2023, customers were billed an additional rate per kWh, with those charges being significant. That charge, called the Carbon Free Resource Adjustment, is listed on your ComEd invoice under the section titled Taxes and Other. Unfortunately, it can’t be negotiated and applies to all customers regardless of what electric supplier they choose.

While businesses can’t negotiate that increase, they can take advantage of other options resulting from the state’s promotion of clean energy. The first are the significant rebates offered to customers who upgrade their lighting to LED’s. The ROI’s have been attractive and reducing your usage by performing those upgrades is a good way to help offset the additional charges you’re being billed. If you haven’t upgraded your lighting yet and would like to schedule an audit, please contact the UMG office at 630-279-0117. Audits are done at no charge and with no obligation.

The second is by taking advantage of community solar credits for accounts in the 0-100kw class. Under this program you’re not required to install solar equipment on your building. It does not require you to change electric providers, has no impact on your supplier agreement and there’s no change to your service. The state is subsidizing the building of solar farms to replace coal and natural gas plants. You’ll receive a credit on your ComEd invoice for that subsidy and will then be billed by the solar provider you contract with for a percentage of that subsidy. Instead of the state paying the solar providers directly, for customers who take part in this program, the subsidy flows through them and then to the solar provider with the customer keeping a percentage of the funds. Enrollment in this program is dependent on availability; if the program fills up, your account will be put on a waitlist.

If you’d like more information regarding these programs or the natural gas and electric programs UMG offers to CATA members, please contact 630-279-0117.

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